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Sandra Dearden
President, CEO and Industry Expert

Donald J McKay
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Keith Corman
Industrial Development Representative

Meghan Aleo
Administrative Assistant

Kenneth Stone
Technical Administrator

The firm was founded in 1996 by Sandra Dearden, one of the rail industry’s luminaries known for her ability to develop strategic plans to increase profitability.

Highroad’s ability to deliver outstanding results lies in the practical, hands-on experience of our 30+ consultants, all of whom have held senior management and/or middle management line positions in their respective functional areas. For each engagement, Highroad builds a team with the precise background for meeting the assignment’s requirements. Clients benefit from our experience as learning curves and total time to complete are minimized.

Key to Highroad’s success is a suite of leading edge software and analytical tools conceived and developed by the Highroad team. Examples include VIEWPOINT™, a sophisticated analytical process to benchmark freight rates, and INSIGHT: RailEdition©, a cost model that calculates railroad operating costs. Costs are carrier specific and are based on the railroads’ financial data furnished in reports to government agencies. It is the only rail costing model that includes costs for Canadian railroads.

Expert Transportation Consultants

Our strength is in the practical, hands-on experience of our consultants; all have held senior management or middle manage line positions in their respective functional areas. The services we provide are grounded in years of real-world experience in all aspects of the transportation industry. Drawing on our team of more than 30 managerial and technical professionals, we ensure that each consultant assigned has the background to meet the specific needs of your project.

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