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Highroad’s REIDI™ model has been used successfullyon numerous economic/industrial development projects

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REIDI™ is an acronym for Regional Economic and Industrial Initiative. Highroad’s REIDI™ model has been used successfully on numerous economic/industrial development projects. The primary objective of REIDI™ projects is to locate multi-modal freight terminals in a region, which creates jobs, reduces supply chain costs for existing industries, and can help the industries to penetrate new markets.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a forecast that freight volumes in the U.S. will increase 49 percent over the next three decades; due to the current truck driver shortage and regulatory change, DOT predicts 90% of that growth will move on rail. We are already seeing a shift in volumes from truck to rail, and some shippers have already initiated plans to make changes to address future capacity needs. The inland waterways continue to be an under-utilized resource.

The REIDI™ model involves research, field interviews with industries that are currently dependent on truck transportation, logistics mapping, an assessment of infrastructure requirements, and strategic location of multi-modal terminals to optimize the industries’ supply chain costs.

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