Highroad Consulting, Ltd. of Highland, IN has released its next-generation INSIGHT: RailEdition©, a cost model that gives users an accurate assessment of railroad operating costs. Users will have direct access through a website.

INSIGHT: RailEdition© is recognized as the only rail costing model in the industry that is not based on URCS. Instead, INSIGHT: RailEdition© costs are based on the each railroad’s cost data reported annually to the government agencies.

This new version features PC*MILER|Rail for calculation of rail miles, along with enhanced functionality and a modern interface that is easy to navigate. Users can create customized projects and folders that will give them quick access to information for strategic planning. The new cloud-based technology protects users’ proprietary information. Subscriptions can be purchased at a discounted price on or before September 1.

Highroad’s redesign of INSIGHT: RailEdition© is in response to customer requests. Within the next few weeks, Highroad plans additional updates to INSIGHT: RailEdition©, including the ability to perform unit train costing. “

Our launch of the new INSIGHT: RailEdition© has been a two-year initiative that we planned to give our clients direct access to high-quality information,” said Sandra Dearden, Highroad’s President. “With input from our clients, we look forward to continuous enhancements to the INSIGHT: RailEdition© platform so they will have the planning tools to protect their company’s competitive position.”

About Highroad Consulting, Ltd.

Highroad Consulting, Ltd., a full service transportation and logistics consulting firm, specializes in the development of logistics and supply chain strategies. The firm has gained national recognition for its leading edge analytical tools including VIEWPOINT™ for benchmarking freight rates, and INSIGHT: RailEdition©, a proprietary cost model that calculates railroad operating costs. For more information, please visit www.takehighroad.com.

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