INSIGHT: RailEdition©

INSIGHT: RailEdition© provides the most accurate cost calculations for rail shippers

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INSIGHT: RailEdition©

Highroad Consulting, Ltd. has been helping shippers and carriers to achieve their profit objectives with leading-edge solutions since 1996. Areas of expertise include strategic planning, industrial development, supply chain management, operations planning, facility design, activity-based costing and the development of strategies for surface transportation. Highroad also serves as a resource to law firms to perform analysis and develop and present expert testimony.

What is INSIGHT: RailEdition©?

INSIGHT: RailEdition© is a cost model developed in 1998, that calculates railroad operating costs. Our new Cloud based technology now allows subscribers to have direct, secure remote access from any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world, saving shippers time and money. Because each user will have their own cloud, user information entered for studies is protected. Our cost model software can also be customized for development of management cost systems for short line railroads.

What does INSIGHT: RailEdition© offer to subscribers?

An accurate assessment of railroad operating costs and the pricing elasticity of rail rates. All rail costing models are not the same. INSIGHT: RailEdition© is the only rail costing model in the industry that is not based on Uniform Rail Costing System (URCS) costs. In a TRB Report to Congress, they found URCS to be fatally flawed. INSIGHT: RailEdition© costs are based on the railroads’ financial data filed with the government agencies.

INSIGHT: RailEdition© has earned credibility!

INSIGHT: RailEdition© costs have been presented as evidence in numerous proceedings before the United States Surface Transportation Board (STB), the only non-URCS costs that have been presented in agency proceedings.

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