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Highroad’s Analytical Process for benchmarking freight rates for rail, truck and small parcel shipments.

VIEWPOINT™ is used by shippers to develop competitive intelligence for formulating carrier strategies and comprehensive transportation strategies. The model provides the benchmarking data based on competitors’ shipments and rates. The analytical process includes regression analysis to calculate rates that would apply based on industry averages, to serve as additional benchmarks. Benchmarking against rail rates includes costing the client’s lanes on Highroad’s cost model, INSIGHT: RailEdition© to gain an understanding of how the carriers’ view the business based on profit, and to measure the pricing elasticity of rates. Shipment profiles are developed, a lane-by-lane analysis is performed, and recommendations include target rates for each lane.

A comprehensive report is developed summarizing findings and targeted savings. Highroad’s consultants will identify leverage points, strengths and weaknesses, and will present recommendations for strategies focused on achieving objectives while maximizing revenues and profits.


Transportation Rates and Efficiency Evaluation

TREE™ is an acronym for Transportation Rate & Efficiency Evaluation. It is a comprehensive audit of transportation and distribution operations that identifies opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing costs. Highroad consultants benchmark transportation and supply chain infrastructure, cost components and procedures, applying industry best practices in the evaluation.


Fleet Optimization

Orbitor™ is Highroad’s fleet optimization model for analysis and optimization of rail and truck fleets. The analysis involves the intellect of consultants experienced in fleet optimization, supported by statistical software, computer calculations, and regressions of variables.

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